Granite Care

To preserve the beauty of your granite countertops, follow these simple steps:

Regular Cleaning

All countertops that leave our fabrication area are already sealed and polished.

You can clean your granite countertops with a mild hand soap and warm water.

Wipe off with a clean cloth.

We recommend that our customers use a natural countertop cleaning liquid called Revitalizer made by DuPont.

You can use this liquid on a regular basis, that is, whenever you want to clean your countertops.

Revitalizer contains a small amount of stone sealer in it. 

This not only brings out the original shine, but also protects the surface by replenishing the traces of sealant lost during the use of your countertops.

A gallon of Revitalizer cost about $39.00 and lasts 2 to 3 years, depending on the size of the countertop.

We found that this great product costs much less than the inferior stone cleaning products sold in home improvement or grocery stores.

The good thing about the Revitalizer liquid is that most of the granite countertops need not be resealed if you use this on a regular basis.

What not to use on your Granite Countertops

Do not use any liquids containing bleach or ammonia.

Do not use any liquids containing vinegar, lemon juice, or other acids.

It is a good idea not to use any other liquid besides mild soap, warm water, and Revitalizer to clean the countertops. Of course, Revitalizer offers extra protection for granite countertops as well.

Usage of Coasters

While granite countertops are naturally stain resistant, we recommend you use coasters under glasses, expecially those containing alcohol, wine, or citrus juices.